Life is tiring and frustrating.

The half e-days doing puppets with children were moderately rubbish. Unresponsive kids, then loud and random.

Then the water got messed up. The water people don’t bring anything like what we ask. Like totally different amounts. We ask for 200, they bring 36, etc. so I’ve no idea how much we have on board. Their barge only comes with random amounts of water in it.

Also I spoke with Personnel about doing half video and half deck, after being told so many times by the video boss he wants me, and my boss OK-ed it, and personnel said it sounded fine.

But today My boss had a meeting with Personnel, and they have a videographer coming in the next preship. So it looks like they don’t want me in video.

So I have no idea any more at all what is happening.

Very frustrating.

There’s little stuff on top too. Like I got a key request, but the cabin number and key number on the request don’t match, so I don’t know which they really need, and then the personnel secretary was in meetings all afternoon, so I couldn’t call her and ask which it really was. Just silly little stuff like that. Feels like the last straw when life is frustrating anyway.

Also, I’m SO tired.

Seawatch was so long and tiring, and then yesterday after prayer night I went by the keyshop, and found a water sample had gone positive, so I had to start doing re-tests on all the water until midnight. Then I was up this morning at 6am to get all the valves ready for when the water arrived while I was out.