We will have a new waterman next week! I’ll be speaking with Personnel tomorrow about doing half time video and deck training (teaching new people, teaching Efficient Deck Hand course to current deckies, doing lifeboats sometimes, etc.

This is OK with both the second mate, and the videographer’s boss. So maybe I start in a week or two… Even better than AV, I think. I still get time outside, playing with ropes. And I’ll still be doing AV for i-nights. If I do stay in deck, then I can apply for my AB ticket in February, since I’m still signed on under articles, still a deck rating, and still lifeboat 1 coxswain.

I can still hang out in AV, and mix video for them sometimes too.

I have three crazy days ahead.

The next two days are half e-days when I’m doing a puppet thing for six-year-olds, and half water loading and other work. Then there’s the i-night the day after.