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Brummie’s Back – maybe?

Dear Neglected Blog –

I think I should start writing again.  I’ve realised how much I miss it.

I don’t know how often I’ll manage it – but we’ll see.

Brief update for the sake of historical thingness (as Euan might say):

We’re back on the Logos Hope – 4 of us now. This time for probably 2 years.  We’ve been on board almost a year now, and are currently on break (thus finding the time for writing, and motivation to start again).

Life on the ship is spectacularly busy with 2 children.  Essentially any time that’s not work, while the kids are awake I try to spend with them.  And when they’re asleep, then with my wife.  But I’m realising I do need more introvert / me time to help make the time with kids+wife better quality.

Blogging kind of takes a back-seat – as I feel like the writing I want to be doing is all fiction, and the writing I should be doing is all email / work related.

Anyway, hopefully writing here helps me feel more inspired to write other stuff that I need to.  And also is perhaps interesting for you, dear reader.