We’re off to the UK tonight. I’m still not packed yet, and am now sending the last of the emails which I need to do, with contacts in the UK, and so on.

I’ve got all my references sorted, and am finishing off the last one or two questions on the OM application form. I will hopefully be going for an interview on the 17th of October about joining Doulos. All very exciting!

Anyway, I probably won’t have much chance to update the blog for a few weeks or more. But I may, and I definately will once we get back from the UK (25th of October).

If anyone feels like praying, that’d be awfully nice.



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hey u dont know me but mum told me about ur family and the work uve been doing partly cos i use to do home schooling and stuff so yeah she had been telling me about u guys and then saw u had a blog and sent the link to me and i thought id check it out ,good luck with everything you’ll be in my prayers ,my blog is “whereyallgirlsat.blogspot” etc so yeah if u wanna check it out thats where i am cya taire

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