Déjà vu

So Becky and I have been trying to go back to the ship for a while now.

Not the Doulos, but the Logos Hope.

Somehow, I just don’t seem to have got it out of our blood yet.

We though about going out late January time, perhaps flying with the new recruits from the January Conference.

So, the Déjà vu thing…

We spoke to some people in August at the GO conference, sent some emails around, waited a bit.

Waited some more.  As one does.

Anyway, we got an email last week from our friend Mark, who’s one of the big manager types.

“I’ve spoken to the guys on board. I don’t suppose you could come at the end of the month, could you? I know it’s a bit short notice…”


(Those previous two exclamation points without corresponding lexical complication are in fact, grammatically correct. ‘Self-explanatory punctuation’ I call it.)

 So it looks like we may be back on board in 3 weeks!  Quite exciting, and a perfect excuse to start up this blog again.

Why the ‘deja vu’ comment? Well, it seems awfully reminiscent of my first short term ship back in 2005.  Feel free to find the archive entries if you wish!

The Logos Hope is just coming out of a very long (9 months odd) layup/drydock, and so they’d really like a couple of extra pairs of hands to help in the programmes/events/Audio-Visual stuff sooner rather than later.

More details to come later. 🙂

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