Windows Movie Maker

I wrote this a few months ago in a prayer meeting.  I know.  Very holy of me.

Windows Movie Maker [C:Program FilesMovie MakerMOVIEMK.exe] is a highly virulent productivity virus.  Not only effecting the computer it is hosted on, but having a socially engineered payload which self-propagates through USB sticks, video/data projectors, and various presentation media.

Reports have come in of this virus’ unique capability to be transmitted through analogue forms such as VHS tape, and occasionally film.


  • Audience hypnotism
  • Hours of time wasted by ‘editor’ and ‘viewers’
  • Computer lock-ups and data-loss
  • Lowered expectations of quality
  • Copyright infringement
  • Physical injury
  • Death

Response Actions:


[small print.  Dear lawyers, et al.  This is what’s known as parody.  Just like the word ‘Movie’ is in the program title.  In other words, a joke.]