Why it may be worth going to Sunday Morning “Church Services”

At a Sunday morning in Birmingham, the dude running the event got up to lead a prayer. Being an Anglican service, it was a pre-written one. Alas, he picked the wrong one, and only realised half way through:

“Lord God, we have sinned, oops. Sorry…”

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yep 🙂 The one quoted is really my kind of prayer. I really don’t do well with long complex prayers, and the ones which remind God of stuff.

“Fatherwe… just want to say how we just appreciate how you promise to us, Lord Father God, in your Word oh Father, and Fatherwe, we reflect on what, Lord, you say to us in the second chapter of Isaiah, Lord, that…” meh…

I don’t speak like that to anyone. And if I have kids and they speak to me like that all the time, I’d probably have a bit of an issue with it.

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