New Template up and running. Perhaps.

As well as the Cairo Curse, I’m also having to put up with the Curse of Being a Web Designer.

That is to say, never being happy to leave something well enough alone.
Anyway, on this machine the blog looks fairly happy now, using the new blogger template system, and some new stuff I’m playing with.
Some random geek knowledge for you:
The traditional/oldschool method of introducing new technologies/research, ¬†or protocols for public use was to write an “RFC” or “Request For Comments”.
Basically those were (usually) longish documents available online freely, waaay back even on ARPANET, and have shaped the internet as we know it today.
More information about RFCs can be found on the wikipedia.
What was the reason for this brief history lesson?
Well, none at all, really. Except that I would like to request comments on the new theme / style of this blog. Any comments?
(yes, I know the images are missing from the side-bar. I’ll try and code a new sidebar image thingy tomorrow in perl or something so I can get the more modern pics too…)