The THING I actually miss from Cyprus is a stable, normal, sane Linux box to work with. I am trying to find some documents about EDH training on the network, and to figure out some stuff for the lifeboats next week. There’s one page of stuff I’ve seen the chief mate looking at, and it’s good, but he’s on break and now I can’t find that page! Annoying.

But I just got a programme installed which makes this windows machine work almost like a Linux desktop. I can have 4 or 5 applications open, adn 8 or 9 windows, and get between each job just by pressing alt-1 or whatever. No silly alt-tabbing through 10 windows to see what I want. I don’t like using the mouse.

The first day’s training went well. I covered most of the ropework they needed to know. Knots, splicing, seizing, worming/parcelling/serving, stoppering at mooring. It’s quite satisfying teaching, but complex too, and so much stuff to think about, and figure out how to get it to work. Tomorrow we will do purchases, bosun’s chair and stage tomorrow, also care of rope….

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Hei Daniel, Mark here… not sure if u remember me.. from Malaysia, Msia-Thai STEP 2006? So sorry i havent been in touch… now i hope to change that. When u get this do pop me an email at [email protected]

Recently God’s been putting u in my mind… so i’ve been praying… now i believe God has a reason for me to specially pray for you, as i still do to ppl like Tsepo, James and Chris Le Roux… SO do email me, wud love to hear from u.

Take care, God Bless… always.
Mark Tan

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