Today has been quite good.

The new Waterman is away on overnight, and will be back Tuesday. The other Waterman is doing most of the work at the moment.

So I’m working to get non-essential but good things done, such as the Waterman’s bible, and writing a proper Waterman entry to the Ship Board Operations Procedures Manual (basically ISO 9000 for ships). And I’m getting the keys updated from piles of paperwork to be integrated into the ship’s main database, and hopefully making the new lifeboat’s training videos with the Captain soon.

Maybe also working with IT to get a couple of databases done.

Oh, and I’m trying to actually get to the bottom of the whole water chlorination deal, and get a proper procedure written down, and perhaps (the Captain is backing) to get an inline automatic chlorination system added. I’m aiming to leave my mark on the Waterman job!