We’re in India! Whoo!! etc.

We arrived yesterday, on the 11th April.

I’m kind of tired, in a general way, but also kind of excited and awake too. Jumping to the firerounds schedule (11pm to 7am work time!) really messed up my body clock, and so I got very little sleep the first few days. And I know I need sleep soon. But I’m going to stay up til lunch, and then sleep from lunchtime until 8 this evening, as one of our k-group is going on a team away from the ship for 2 weeks, and we are going to have a goodbye lunch for her.

So I was filling up time until then.

I’ve been part of a group learning a jazz/modern dance since pre-ship, and had wanted to make a “training” dvd for the dance, with each section (verse, chorus, rap-section, finale, etc) able to be played, and explained on the dvd, so that if people miss learning sessions, they can catch up faster, but also so that we can review on our own parts, and also to allow the dance to be kept going if key people leave the ship.

So I went just now to the photography/graphics office, and looked through their video collection to see if they had any tapes which had the dance on, with the right kind of tape that I can play on my camera, so I could start working on making the dvd (or at least a demo of the dvd,
which I could then use to persuade the dance leader to schedule a few sessions to properly record it).

While I was talking to the photographer about this, she (first of all she wanted to talk about my toaster video — apparently her machine didn’t play it right, so she watched it about 4 times trying to get to the ending, but it didn’t work, and she was getting angry because she wanted to see how it ended! rather cool!)

.. anyway, she told me maybe I should apply for job of videographer, which is a post they have been looking for someone for for quite a while. I knew they wanted someone for the job, but thought they wanted a professional videographer, someone like dad. But she said no, in fact she had never even seen Adobe Photoshop until 2 weeks before they came to the ship, and had basically to learn on the job!

It’s kind of weird… Like, all during firerounds this morning I was thinking about my job as a deckie.

I love the job, doing all the physical work and all, all the painting, scrubbing, chipping rust, and so on, but a lot of the attitude of some of the other deckies really annoys me, and I find hard to work with.

For instance, on the fire-rounds, there are these little red strips on the walls in different sections. What you are supposed to do is go to each section, make sure there are no irons plugged in, or whatever, check the bilges, and so on. Then scan the strip, and go on. There are some strips which are outside a hold, or other room, and you are supposed to open the door, check inside the space, and then close it and go on.

When talking with one of the other watchmen, I mentioned that I really didn’t like going into one of the holds, as it’s so creepy down there… always sounds like someone is walking around, and hiding from you. And he couldn’t understand why I would go down there anyway, as the strip is outside the door, and “no-one ever bothers” to actually check inside. I dunno. Like some people are trying to get away with doing the least possible, but it seems like such a bad attitude to have, since we are here to serve God, and it’s not like the jobs are enormously strenuous anyway.

Yeah, I’ve been kind of feeling a bit fed up with deck department for a week or two now. I was expecting it, of course. Most people go through a “down” cycle after about 3 to 8 months of their first department. And I’ve done 4 months of deck work now (including my STEP). So I know that it’s just part of Doulos life, and that in 6 months more, I’ll probably feel a lot better about it.

But anyway, I was thinking for ages this morning during my watch, if I was to move department, where would I go? I am even feeling engine room might be better, and was so tired with the attitude that if IT asked me to join them, I might even do that. Not too happy. So quite a surprise to hear someone tell me about this position needing filling, like the same day I’m really thinking about this.

Right now, I’m thinking it would be so cool to do this job. I’m pretty tired, and going through a not too happy week with deck dept, so I’m probably seeing it brighter than it is (the grass is always greener, and so on). I dunno. That’s what I’ll be praying about for the next while, we’ll see what happens.

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(hmmm, the question is, where am I really from now?) Tired, excited and awake, sad and unsettled… I can relate. Left Cy yesterday, arrived here in the US today; hope to email soon. Keep your eyes on God; He’ll direct you (that’s what I’m discovering and trying to learn…).

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