We will sail (in just a few days time) for Chennai, India. It is quite a long voyage, about 10 days. Hopefully not many people will be seasick.

I’m getting to do more dance on board, which is something I’ve wanted to learn more of for some time. I’m in the Scottish dance group, am learning a jazz/ modern piece with a bunch of others who joined at the same time as I did, and may be learning joining a Dutch dance group in a few weeks as well (time permitting). I’m also in the puppets workshops/teams thing.

Yesterday we did the big “International Night”, which I was involved in (3 items! I was changing costumes all evening!), and then from about 11.30pm when we got back, I was helping to unload the 3 book containers which arrived yesterday. We finished the unloading at about 4.30am this morning. I’m kind of tired, and also have a cold, have been coughing and all for the last 2 days. Poor ol’ me, whinge whinge, moan moan, etc, etc. I actually love days like this, it’s kind of unusual, but staying up crazy hours heaving heavy boxes of books about is really rather satisfying.

So, I’m still quite busy.