Today I had the last of the vaccinations I am having here in Cyprus. I really don’t like vaccinations. I also found out that I am blood group O+, apparently. Kind of strange, as we all thought I would be A+. Some friends of ours introduced us to the “Eat Right 4 Your Type” bloodtype/diet theory a few years ago, and our family seemed to fit it. My dad (O+) prefers meats, and seems to do well on them, and my mum (A+) prefers veg, and white meats, and seems to do well on them. My brother and I, we didn’t know our bloodtypes, but as he is a meat person, and I am a vegitarian, we guessed perhaps he was O+ and me A+. Anyway. All rather confusing.

I also went and got my eyes tested, and my old glasses fixed. One of the “arms” had fallen off, and although Dad had glued it back, the spring was gone, and they kept falling off my face. Also one of the rubber feet things for the nose had fallen off. But they are fixed now. The optician will have a new pair of glasses ready for me this evening, as well as a new hard case for my old glasses, and a spare hard case. To join the ship, I need to take 2 pairs of glasses, according to one of the random pieces of documentation they gave me.

That’s about all the news at the moment…


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Can you believe how close it is now? I am still doing the packing thing (my family will be moving in a few months so all my stuff has to be packed) Those vaccinations are painful, eh? I have to go get 3 more shots tomorrow (ouch) I did the eye thing yesterday, and to top it off I still have 1 more visit to the dentist! See/meet you in a week!

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