In the words of one of the Douloids I met “I’m back! Sviss Power! Ja!” The middle bit doesn’t really make sense for me to say, about sviss power and all, but the “I’m back”bit and the “Ja” do. This is a photo my wee bro took of me at the airport, with me bag and other bag, which I repaired (and held out for the whole trip back!). Yeah. So, I’ll post about the wonderful trip home again soon, and have now allowed comments on the blog for everyone, so PLEASE leave comments! Oh, and I will be uploading many more pictures soon too, and continuing to blog, and talk about the trip and all, so don’t stop coming to this page, oh dedicated masses, but remember ye all to visit again whenst ye hath time or even forsooth, if havest ye not.


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Hello! It’s me! You asked for comments, so why don’t I be the first person?
Welcome home and I hope you had a safe journey, etc etc.

Am totally glad you have a great time on the duolos(sp? – always forget), you should go do it again! For 2 years! That’s what I think, anyway. Besides, the blog was fun to read hehe.

I don’t really know what to say. Maybe I’ll chat to you soon anyways.

Show us more pictures!


PS: Am I seeing things or do you have a goatee now? If so, I’m loving it!

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