I’m very tired.

Found out yesterday that tonight us STEPPERs are going on a ministry trip to visit a youthgroup, and tell them how great missions are, and encourage them to do them, or something like that. Anyway, John, who is in charge of it (the one who got mugged) told me that I am going to be doing a drama. The “offering drama”. I’d never seen this, or ever even heard of it.

He said “well go find out from the creative ministries people”. Ok. So I did, they told me in about 2 minutes. It’s a 1 person drama/mime. Very cool story, actually. They gave me a pair of white gloves too. I wish I had brought my black tousers with me.

Oh well. Maybe I’ll do it at some point in Larnaka.

So I had then to find a way to get out of being on watch tonight. I SHOULD have been given time off already. About a month ago our STEP-mum sent an email (she said) to each of the deparment heads saying that STEPPERs need to be given time off on Friday nights, and other STEP times.

But last Friday was Sabbath Week, and so no STEP ministry time. The Friday before that, we were on overnight, and so no STEP ministry. And the Friday before that, we were voyaging, I believe. Or if not voyaging, then something else happened, or else I wasn’t on watch, or something. I don’t remember.

Anyway, so this is the FIRST time that the situation has acutally arisen, and so they had forgotten about this, and so I had to personally this afternoon find another deckie, and them willing, to swap watches with me for next week. Happily, I could find someone, and so that’s OK. But it will mean that now I have to do an extra watch next week for one day. 🙁

Oh well.

Met more home-educators today. 8-til-12 really lets you meet more people.

I’m thinking about renaming my blog “oh well”. What do you think? heh…

One of the previous STEPPERs, the one who left, lost his badge. Yesterday, while we were cleaning up our cabin to allow the other new STEPPERs to move in, we found it. Then one of the other cabin mates took the badge, and pinned it on the notice board with this note:

“Attention Ship’s Ladies!
Want a piece of the hunk that is
(name) ? His name-badge is going on
auction with a starting bid of 10 Rand,
please contact cabin (number).”

Then this morning, someone stole the badge from the board! This shocking problem caused my cabin mate to put a new notice on the board:

“Lost! One name badge belonging to (name).
Could whoever has stolen it please return
it to cabin (number). I know he is handsome,
but stealing is wrong!”

Then this afternoon, I saw his badge up on another cabin’s door. I told my friend, and he went and got the badge. Now he is going to put a new notice on the board, saying something like

“Due to high demand, the badge belonging to (name)
will no longer be on display, and for security purposes
will be kept safely in cabin (number). Bidding will resume,
at (price), please contact us!”.

We have the strangest notice board.

Anyway. I must be off. I am reading “The Practice of the Presence of God”, which I found in the Library. Interesting. And I also want to run through this drama/mime thing, and also do some replying to other emails and things.