Monday 25th July

About those 3 people who got Malaria, I don’t know how they got it, but as the clinic is still saying, “… so take your tablets!” I guess that means that they forgot, and/or just stopped taking them. Everyone seems to hate them so much, it is not really suprising.

I think mine may be having some side effects, though, too. For the past 2 weeks or more or so I have been having a very churned up stomach feeling, and the last 2 days even more so. I had not thought that it might be the tablets, but thought it was the change of diet on board, or type of bread, or something. But I have tried not eating bread, or the “milk”, or tea, doing the proper “isolate 1 food at a time” type of thing, but to no avail.

I will try to speak to the clinic about it tomorrow, when they are open (they are closed on Sundays and Mondays). Hopefully they will tell me something like “ah, just eat more fruit. Here is a paper to tell the galley to let you have more…”. That would be really nice… I miss having fruit and cheese aplenty. We ran out of cheese about 2 weeks ago, but today had it again. Fruit is also quite low, with a 1 – 2 piece limit per meal. Next time I get to go out to the city I will try and get some more. We don’t have personal fridge space, sadly, although some cabins have fridges (ours doesn’t).

Back to Malaria… AFAIK the victims have not been sent home. My Big Brother, for instance, was not. There is a ‘hospital’ on board, which I have not seen, but is part of the clinic, I think. Anyway, with 1 full time doctor, quite a few nurses, sea air, and so forth, being on Doulos may well be more healthy than sticking someone on an airplane and shipping them home to whatever.

I have not personally seen ANY moquitoes in my entire time on board. As most of my time has been on board, and so in a salt water area, this is not so suprising, but even on days out, and off-days, I have not seen any. Other people have, apparently, but not I. Odd.

It was not so cold today, nice and warm outside in the sun. Again over the side work, but I was not. I was just sitting on the deck, occasionaly taking the paintbrush from the person over the side on a bosun’s chair, and putting fresh paint on it, and giving it back. In the evenings, and pre-dawn mornings though, it is cold. (Sun rises at about 6:30am, and sets at about 6pm). I have not yet managed to get a new hoodie, although maybe I can soon. I hope so.

The whole family atmosphere on board is very cool. Yesterday I was spontaniously declared to be a twin of someone else, because they had always wanted a twin (very-non-identical!).