This is my last post before I fly. I have mostly packed, had all my vaccinations, done my last performance, started the anti-malarials, drunk a lot of water, cleaned my desk, and have only 9720 more things to do before check-in, which is in about 4 or 5 hours time. I will try to post when I arrive. I also have added my mum and bro to the people on this blog, so they can relay for me. About a week ago, I bought a mobile. I hate the things. Stupid bleeping all the time, interrupting, never letting you be alone. I have held out this long against the insidious abominations, but alas, one more has fallen to their fel grip. I still keep it off whenever I can though. Basically, the aim is to allow me to communicate with people here, parents and whatnot.

Yesterday, after the last school performace, we (the theatre) went out to starbucks for cheesecake. My first time there ever. Strange place. Nice cake though. And the rest of the company had bought me a book, and a card. Funny Korina. She wrote “Dear Vromopaido, come back soon because I wont have anyone to fight with.” Charming.

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Hi Dan, came here from your Mum’s blog which I read regularly – just wanted to wish you all the best for the Doulos (I always wanted to go on it so I’m dead jealous!).

Hope you have a wonderful time.

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