Hong Kong is beautiful. The colours of the place are really spectacular. It’s kind of similar to singapore in some ways, yet also totally different. I feel it’s kind of more peaceful, and also more human. Some of the countries/places we’ve been in the last months have been very clean, tidy, and beautiful, yet also, almost too stark. From the tiny ammount I’ve seen of HK, it seems less so. Still clean, but not clinical. I like it.
I bought a camera here, something I’ve been thinking about for about 3 years, and here is my first photo I’ve taken and been happy with. Hopefully this will also encourage me to post more frequently.

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  1. It’s a Canon IXUS70. The colours on the day did look like this, but I had to modify the photo slightly in gimp to make it look on screen quite how I wanted it to.

    Very nice camera.. Hi Charles!

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