How do you make big announcements?

Do you blow trumpets and dance and stuff?

Or pretend like nothing is up and act all blasΓ©?

Which is less pretentious? Which is less gauche? (I am enjoying using all these fancy words, but I have to use the flippin’ spell checker to make sure I get them right, which rather spoils the whole sophisticated air of the thing. Oh well.)

I kind of feel I should respect my British heritage, and get all worked up about the tiniest things (such as toasters, knots, AV, coffee machines, and so on) and drop big announcements as if they’re specks of dust being flicked from ones mess-jacket (not that I have a mess jacket, but it sounds right, Bertie Woosterish).

Enough of this blithering.

I’m engaged to be married to the most wonderful girl in the world! Life is a happy thing, full of kittens and sunshine and gentle summer breezes, and stuff!

Hopefully that somewhat fell between the lines of fanfare and faux pas, hint and hyperbole, I shall now go and dance for a bit.

7 thoughts on “So.”

  1. Congratulations man! I just wanted to correct your post. I think you meant to say “The nearly greatest woman in the world…”

    I’m not engaged yet, but hope to marry the most wonderful woman in the world summer 2011… πŸ™‚

  2. Haven’t looked at your blog for ages but somehow knew I should do so – and what a reason! Congratulations to your both and lots of good wishes for future happiness. The rest of the family (in sundry places) are all logged off (its 11.30 pm) but I’m sure I can say ‘hurrah!’ from us all.

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