There was a small leak in my bathroom ceiling about 2 months ago.

I wrote a request form for the plumbers to come and have a look. They came a week ago, pulled the ceiling apart, ripped out some pipes, splashed water everywhere, left pipes pouring out for about 3 days, dropped a pipe through the sink and smashed a hole big enough for my arm to go through!

There is a step-ladder in my shower, welding rods in my sink (whats left of it) and dirt everywhere, and it still drips from the ceiling over the toilet.

They also pulled the light out of the wall, smashing the wood of the fixture, and I’m currently waiting with great interest to see what happens next!

Now the most cool thing in the whole epic is as follows:

That bathroom has needed re-painting for about 6 months. The floor is quite bad. So I was going to repaint it, getting ideas, browsing “dynamic interior design for incredibly small bathrooms” at bookstores, and so on.

The day I was going to paint it, I got distracted by work and stuff, and so didn’t manage to start.
That day, the plumbers came and smashed the whole place up! If God hadn’t distracted me and kept me from going ahead, it would all have been in vain! God is nice like that.

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  1. All for a leak in a ceiling?! Seems to me they just wanted to have fun pulling a bathroom apart!

    I find this sad. Bathroom is sanctury. Makes you feel good when it is nicely decorated, you know.

    At least you were distracted all day. God really is quite nice, isn’t he?!

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